Why I Give

Quotes from our Donors

The Marana Police Officer's Association is dedicated to not only fostering a professional, fair, and ethical work environment but we also seek to improve the community in which we live. Recently we donated $1,000 so children could attend summer camp. The Marana Chief of Police Terry Tometich approached us a few weeks ago and asked if the MPOA would be willing to donate to this cause. Since Chief Tometich's arrival management and MPOA relationships have been very positive and we are proud to jointly give to this project.

The Officers of the MPOA did not hesitate in voting to give this money so children could attend sumer camp. It is our belief as police officers that community service is incumbent on each and every one of us, and is equally important as our law enforcement duties. We also sponsor a cub scout pack, we provided funding for off duty officers so the Marana High School could host an end of year graduation party, we have donated money for toys and gifts during the Holidays for less fortunate families in our community, and we will also be sending manpower and resources for our local Habitat for Humanity project.

Giving back to the community in which we proudly and humbly serve is very important to us as an organization, and our members constantly bring forward new ways to better our community.

On a personal note, I grew up in a military family. Both my parents worked full time and becasue of programs like this and the generosity of others I was able to attend summer camps when I was a kid. I believe that I turned out the way I did because programs like this kept me involved in activities for the summer.


It was very nice meeting you and let me know if there is anything we can do for you.


Jason Cann

MPOA President


"This donation is in honor of our grandson Joshua recovering from burns from scalding water and skin grafts. He has had the privilege of attending Camp Courage for the past three years."

Sarah and Morty Segal


"Back when I was a single parent, you sent my daughter to camp for a week. Neither of us will ever forget that generosity or that wonderful experience."

Lela Freiman


"Summer camp was a great experience for me when I was growing up. I hope more children can have that experience. Thanks for doing this."

— Gypsy Lyle


"Every child should have the opportunity to go to camp for a week or two in the summer."

William and Suzanne Brown


"My three children always looked forward to enjoyable camp adventures. I want other kids to do the same."

-- Harriet Belenker


"At the age of 6, 7 and 8, I was sent to camp by generous givers. I have to say it was one of the fondest memories of childhood. My family was poor (even if I didn't know it). I made wonderful friends and have always been grateful."

-- Jim Cruze


"As a kid, I attended Triangle Y Ranch Camp for six years in a row on the generous sponsorship of the Sportsmen's Fund. Some of the best times of my childhood were at camp."

-- Ayla Gilbert


"The Tucson Police Officers Association recognizes that children are the most valuable resource of any community. Every year we do what we can to protect them and enrich their lives. . . . Unfortunately, in our line of work, we all too often see the negative consequences of kids with idle time that is not put to a productive use. Your program seems an excellent solution that will keep kids safe and allow them to have positive experiences that they otherwise may not enjoy."

— Rick Radinsky, Treasurer, Tucson Police Officers Association


" I enjoy the memories I have from my one-time visit to summer church camp. It's a chance every child should have."

-- Sharon Gamester


"After both attending summer camps in our youth and having our children attending camps when they were young, we place great value on camping opportunities for children and youth. We are glad to be able to "help send a kid to camp."

— Glen and Shirley Murray